Airmageddon History


Before Dec. 6, 2001, there was an on-line flight simulator that was called Air Warrior. Bands of loyal warriors clashed in the skies, flying the colors of their brethren and squadron of allegiance. Though, for the most part, it was a happy world, little did the netizens of this realm know what surprises lurked in their near future, for you see, there were moves afoot by competing entities to lure these netizens to other adventures.  Of the many, two quickly became the primary forces that began to siphon the masses from their Shangri-la. Aces High and WW2OL.

Sadly, a particular squadron comprised of close friends and family was one of the band of these netizens to fall victim to the whims of the Net Gods. They were known as the Air Pirates. 

When  the Puppet Masters of Electronic Arts waved their bean-counter wand of destruction and disconnection upon the game of Air Warrior, The Air Pirates found themselves torn between the new realms which led to the formation of Airmageddon on 11/12/2001 by Drone, Stink, Dizy, F105G, Smuz, OLTAZ, GIANT, RDKL, HONDA, and Soze.

Airmageddon Squadron strives to enjoy themselves. We value and respect our friendships above all else, while pummeling the 'enemy' in coordinated strategic attacks. Joined by others and the 4 Horsemen, a foundation has been established to refine our skills, tactics, and coordination. 

We fly as Rooks, and as time marches on, we shall leave our mark of destruction upon our adversaries.

March, 2002.  Airmageddon is enjoying an expansion with membership now up to 27.  Many new faces to the online gaming community have joined our ranks, as well as 'lost lambs' from times gone by. We have participants in the Tour of Duties, and Scenarios. The challenges we face are many, but upon that face we weareth many grins.

May, 2002.  Airmageddon celebrates it's 6 month 'birth day'. We sport over 32 members and instances of stalls and blackouts continue to plummet. Participation in Tours of Duty has continued to increase. We are experimenting with new formations and tactics, striving to implement strategies to make our opponents' lives complete misery. :)  Eyes are anxiously looking towards Las Vegas for our June gathering. News of the impending 1.10 patch and it's enhancements are a main focus for our attention.  As always, and as decreed.. we're having boatloads of fun!!

June, 2002.  Several milestones achieved this month! We're still waiting on v 1.10, our ranks have swelled to 40, we have become an official Friday TOD squad, and we've split our forces to 2 squads to accommodate the expansion of the squad. Gone Fission has been joined by Con Fusion, led by Stink, our XO.

July, 2002.  Yet another milestone as we reach 50 members! The third patch of 1.10 has just been released, and the 1st Raiders squad joins us. Airmageddon becomes an official Friday TOD squad, thereby being able to host guests in future TODs.  TOD attendence is now at 12+. Rotty announces that the next meeting of the squad will be in Dayton, OH.. July 10 - 13, 2003. Primary attractions are the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson, and King's Island amusement park.

November 12, 2002. 1 Year!! 

July 2003.  Operation Dayton!!! Drone, Stink, Smuz, Rotty, Flyer, Phew, Honda, Foxy, Raid, and Guedoe meet in Dayton OH, to tackle Kings Mountain and tour the Air Force Museum.    

August 2003:  Due to summer inactivity, squad compressed back into a single squad.    We have been consistently scoring in the top 100 for overall squadron rankings and this month we finished 42nd! WTG Airmageddon!!!

September 2003:  Patiently ( well, for most of us ) we wait for AH2: TOD to be released.  Drone is accepted to the Aces High CM team as Setup CM for Squad Operations. 

October 2003:  With a resurgence in inactives after the demise of daylight savings time, and a couple new members, we resplit back into Gone Fission and Con Fusion. Open Beta for AH2. 

November 12, 2003.  2 years!!  Hard to believe it's been that long.. and in other ways hard to believe it's ONLY been that long.  37 active members, 2 squads. Friday Squad Ops. Drone Setup CM, Next gathering June/2004 in Pensacola Florida hosted by AMBLast. AH2 Open Beta Continues. Monthly awards rolled out. Thanks for being there guys!! 

January 2004, Mystical takes command of Friday Squad Ops special events for Airmageddon.  WTG and THANKS Myst!!

June 18 - 20, 2004. Operation Pensacola!  Drone, Stink, Tweak, Spybite and Scorp gather to tour the National Naval Air Museum and the USS Alabama. Pictures Seafood, Beach, ( Beach BABES!! .. from Spybite and Scorp's perspective )  Warplanes, Big Bad-ass boats with really big bad-ass cannon!  

Same Weekend AH2 goes LIVE!!

July 2004. After almost 3 years of dedicated and exemplarary service, Stink has decided to step down as our XO. I can't thank Stink enough for all the assistance, leadership, and guidance she has provided to Airmageddon since it's inception. I can understand her decision and, though I have talked her out of doing this on a few occasions, in light of her recent neck and back problems, she can probably use a break from the nightly command duties. Lord knows she's certainly earned it!!  <<.S>> Stink and thank you!!!! Don't think that just because you're giving up your keys to the executive liquor cabinet means you're safe from being called upon for your 2 cents of advice!

SMUZ becomes the Airmageddon Executive Officer.  Congratulations SMUZ!!  <<S>>!!

November 12, 2004.  Airmageddon celebrates 3 years of existence!! An incredible journey with so much to show, yet so many more places we have yet to go! Our active roster is still at 25 with a renewed interest to bring in fresh blood to beef up the ranks.  The B24 and KI84 were added to the AH2 planeset just weeks ago.

This is also the time for the CO, Drone, to finally turn in the keys to the executive rum cabinet and step down. Taking over command is Stink, another of the original founders, and maintaining SMUZ as XO.  You go girl!!! 

February 2005.  AH2 continues to release more patches. Flaming debris, turrets getting blown off tanks, dust trails, and buildings now convert to burnt wreckage when destroyed. Yet another notch of realism added by HTC!  Reality takes a cruel turn, however, as personal life issues force Stink to rescind her position of command. 

SMUZ takes the helm of flagship Airmageddon!  Congratulations, SMUZ!!  <<.S>>!  Good luck sir! Point us to the red guys,.. we'll do the rest!!

May, 2005  Phtom takes over duties as eXecutive Officer.  Congratulations Phtom!! 

December 2005. Due to Real Life, SMUZ has had to relinquish command. Thanks SMUZ! Phtom now takes the helm with wesDawg as our new XO. 

March 2006. Real Life has taken phtom out of CO position and is now our XO. wesDawg has disappeared.  Drone has stepped back in as the Commander while the squad tries to restart the lost enthusiasm.  Aces High, in the meantime, is getting closer to releasing the Combat Tour version that is to include career paths, missions, and restricted flexibilities for the participants.  New vehicles/aircraft added recently include a Jeep that can now carry troops. ( 3 ) Spitfires have been re-organized, as have the 109s, and the B17 received a significant makeover. Gunnery positions now shake moreso than before.

For the first time, Airmageddon is looking to recruit command staff.  If interested, e-mail Drone

May 12,2006.  After 4.5 years, Airmageddon has come to the point of realization that it simply cannot continue. Final thoughts and notes are posted on our message forum here: The End

Many thanks to all who served and flew with Airmageddon. It was a great time!