The old days..


Welcome to the home of Airmageddon. A virtual squadron in Aces High, an on-line WW2 flight simulation game. Founded in 2001, it was disbanded after a few years. Now, due to some perverse curiosity, we're testing the waters to see if she'll revive and prosper again.

The goal of Airmageddon is to "Fly, Have Fun, Kill something."

As we build membership, we'll define where we want to go and how we want to do things. Currently, we'll probably be active during the evening ( 6pm - 11pm US Central Time ). We'll pick a night to conduct formal squad activities and set up some internal goals, awards, and statistics tracking.

If you are a fan of historical matchups come fly with the 412th Friday Night Volunteer Group, led by Nefarious, during Friday Squad Operations.

Drop me an e-mail or look me up online ( APDrone ) or on the AH BBS message boards, if you want to help start a squad that hopes to be a little different. -ZZQ