Founding Member FSO

Papa Smuz   Lil' Smuz.. (Sean)


Name:  Russ

Date of Birth: 5/11/1952

Location: Earlville, Illinois ( small farming town ) 

Airmageddon Since :  11-12-2001  - Founder

Favorite Plane (s): Still trying to get a handle on it.  Bf-109-G10, B-17, FW-190 .. well, anything that FLIES!

Occupation : Maintenance Lead Technician in a corrugated box plant.     

Background:   If I told ya, I'd have to kill ya.

Hobbies/Interests.:  Of course AH, and 'puters, and driving the Vette and playing games with my son ( Sean )

Favorite Quote: Still looking for a good one.