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Name: Wes Harmon

D.O.B/AGE:  January 19, 1972

Little Rock AFB, Arkansas

(Home of Slick Willie Clinton, Birthplace of Wal-Mart, and HQ of Remington Firearms.... there's a strange connection there but I can't put muh fingeron it... hehe )

Airmageddon Since:  7-14-2003 

Favorite Plane in Aces High:  C-47, B-17, P-38, FW-190A-5 

OCCUPATION:  USAF Aircrew Flight Examiner/Instructor for C-130 Loadmaster

Formal Training Unit; Crew Resource Management (CRM) Facilitator; Bartender

at -Discovery: The Experience-

BACKGROUND:  As I was coming up with something for this topic, I realized how many deep-rooted issues I REALLY have.. *sigh*... Anyway, I was born-n- raised around Pittsburgh, PA.. middle-class, grass roots prototypical Western Penn. family, enlisted in the Air Force in May 1990, went to Pope AFB in Fayetteville, NC for my first assignment (spent NINE YEARS there !!! ugh ) and have been flying C-130's in some capacity ever since.   My current assignment is the 62nd Airlift Squadron, which was the unit that actually flew Goons in WW2 as the 62nd Troop Carrier Sq.   I started slingin' drinks on the side for some extra $$$ in 1998 and it makes for a nice diversion from the day-to-day military grind.   I have a gorgeous lil' wifey, Krystal, and 2 girlie-girls, Katlyn and Caitlynn (both pronounced the same.. don't ask.. lol) Please refer to my cheesy AOL homepage for more details.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS:  Obviously online gaming, I've played Ultima Online since '98; Fantasy Sports Leagues; Sports card and memoribilia collecting; anything at all dealing with Pittsburgh-area pro/college athletics; softball; hitting live concerts and movies; and rollerblading


" I tried to Quit smoking and drinking, but quitters never win, which makes

a quitter a Loser.. and my momma raised me better than that " ~wjh~


" A true combat aviator only worries about getting from takeoff to

DZ/Target..every minute thereafter is borrowed time " ~wjh~


(Inflight conversation between a "day 1" student and myself)

Stud: Sergeant Harmon, what happens if a fighter rolls in on us?


Me : You immediately start being directive over interphone to the

Pilot..use "Break Right/Left", or "Roll Out" and inform what and where the

threat is..


Stud: What about if it's shooting at us?


Me : Bro, if it's that close, you might as well open the F%^#!@ paratroop

door, whip out your sidearm and start shootin' back


Stud: We're allowed to do that?


Me : *groan*

PERSONAL WEB PAGE: www.hometown.aol.com/wjdawg