Name: David Panich


Fraser Michigan about 5 miles north of Detroit "GO WINGS"!!!!!!!!!

Airmageddon Since:  12-12-2004 

Favorite Plane in Aces High:  FW190, P38(I like the compression factor......I'm always a lawn dart in the 38) 

OCCUPATION: I custom grind carbide cutting tools...... about 10 years now.......wow does not seem that long

BACKGROUND: Lived here in Michigan most of my life chasing the dream of making it as a musican. Moved to Alabama for about 3 1/2 years. Met some big wigs from Nashville. Our manager was/is a pro backup singer, and has written a couple #1 hits one of witch is "Sharing the night together" by "Dr. Hook"(old 70's tune...you remember) the other was a gospel tune.We were looking to get a recording deal but too much drama with band members so we broke up and I moved back to Michigan been a working stiff ever since.

 computer games, music(I'm in a band now called "Cold Shot"), and golf


PERSONAL WEB PAGE: coldshotrocks.com is the band site. I'm the Bass player